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A passion for phenomenal printing

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Over 40 years of making a good imPRESSion in Koblenz.

In addition to screen-printing, film lamination and digital printing, we offer a wide range of finishing effects to draw more attention to your printed products. We work with you and enjoy having input in your projects, bringing our ideas and enthusiasm to the table.

Dedication & development

Dedication & development

The greatest asset of a company is its employees.
Their motivation, commitment and experience are pivotal to the relationship with our customers. Only through them can we be a reliable and dependable business partner for our customers and suppliers.

We are proud of our highly motivated team and their impressive performance which will still be the key to our success in the future.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Kind regards,

Ellen Kreye-Leder and Nicole Figge

Print & environment

As a manufacturing company, we make a priority of factoring certain concerns into all our decisions and investments, taking due account of environmental impact, conservation of resources and sustainability.

We take our responsibility towards our employees and the environment very seriously. In addition to recycling materials and saving energy, we avoid the use of substances which are harmful to the environment and we operate state-of-the-art stripping and cleaning systems when removing coatings and cleaning screens and when working in other such critical areas.

For the sake of our planet!

Print & environment

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