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Our labels provide important information prevent ambiguity and replace time-consuming queries.For the safety of people and the environment.We would be happy to design your individual product according to your ideas.


For full-surface decoration and hygienic protection of gas bottles.
  • Shrink sleeves: simple heat shrinking on the bottle
  • Stretch sleeves: cover the bottle with a stretch band

Bottle tags

Suitable for:
Complaint forms, return forms or as a visual distinguishing feature of gas cylinders.
  • Easy to attach to the gas bottle
  • Flexible in format and design

Hazardous goods label

For reliable labeling of gas cylinders in accordance with the legal requirements.
Individual in design, material and execution.
  • Roll goods
  • Sheet goods
  • Single sticker

Package insert

Required for gas products in medical
  • Thin paper
  • Flexible in format, color and fold

tank sticker

Especially for gas tanks with long-term outdoor use, adapted to the respective tank size.
  • Company logo as a sticker or foil plot
  • Safety stickers and operating instructions

Bundle and hazardous material stickers

For the correct labeling of substances and mixtures according to the GHS / CLP regulation.
  • Pictograms
  • Combined identification with signal word
  • Writable execution

Test labels

For the external marking of work equipment after testing, examination or inspection.
  • Roll goods
  • Sheet goods
  • Single sticker

Push-in and protective covers

The ideal way to simply and cleanly attach information to the gas cylinder.
  • Crystal clear soft film
  • Individual in shape and size

You will benefit from

Individual solutions
Express delivery in 48 hours
  1. Weatherproof
  2. UV-resistant
  3. Writable
  4. Tear-proof