Pharmaceutical know-how meets printing expertise

The requirements in the medical sector are high: medical equipment, sensitive instruments for treatment,
therapy or care in clinics, doctors' practices and care facilities require special labeling and hygienic protection.
With us, you will find solutions for your products highest quality level.

Type designations

Labeling and individualization of medical devices
  • Extremely durable
  • Resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants
  • Flexible in format and design

Hazardous goods label

Perfect interplay of appearance and function

Front films reliably cover devices and electronics and ensure function and durability. To permanently protect lettering and design from dirt, moisture, wear and chemical influences, the printing is usually mirror-inverted on the back of the films.

  • Use of robust and scratch-resistant carrier materials
  • Printing by screen printing or digital printing
  • Special effects possible such as day glow ink, afterglow ink, doming elements

Inspection labels/inspection seals

For a meaningful company labeling

Inspection stickers are basically used everywhere where machines, constructions and devices have to be maintained and inspected regularly. Depending on your requirements, we offer various designs as rolls or sheets.

  • Document foil/security foil
  • Removable foil
  • Test badges for self-labeling

Product tags

For marking or as a visual distinguishing feature
  • Easy to attach to the product
  • Writable and tear-resistant
  • High weather resistance
  • Ideal also as an advertising medium

3D doming sticker

High quality and noble
  • Sticker finished with crystal clear resin
  • Fabricated by screen printing or digital printing
  • Individual self-adhesive materials
  • For indoor and outdoor applications

Custom made products

bedside card for identity verification
Tablet holder with custom imprint