Offset & screen printing: the combination makes it!

In addition to offset printing, you will find a large selection of effective print finishes with us.We cover and refine your print products up to a print format of 102 x142 cm,with which you increase the value of your printed product andat the same time be able to offer your customers a broader product portfolio.

Scratch-off paint

Awaken the play instinct.

Hidden motifs become visible by rubbing off the highly opaque scratch-off ink. Exciting activities arouse curiosity.

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Glitter effect paint

Set dazzling accents.

The glitter effect conjures up a fascinating shimmer through fine glitter particles and immediately catches the observer's eye.

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Relief painting

Feel the subtle difference.

The smooth, elegant, glossy relief varnish lets fonts and motifs emerge vividly - for very special highlights.

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Noctilucent paint

Brings light into the dark.

Afterglow paint stores the energy of daylight, which becomes visible as luminescence when it is darkened.

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Foil lamination

Protect valuable print products.

Increase the service life of your products and protect them from dirt, moisture and wear and tear.

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Compact inspirations

Do you already know our brochure Impressive 5th Edition with fascinating finishing effects?

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