Print finishing for reFINEment

A hint of distinction. Good-looking. So refined.

Attract attention – with effective print finishes which appeal to the senses! Print finishes provide scope for creative design features which can generate interest in people as they look at products and awaken their sensory perception through touch, sight and hearing. Unusual surface finishes arouse curiosity and give your products a distinctive edge, making them unmistakable. Keep browsing to see examples of creative paper finishing, such as relief printing or techniques using thermochromic ink. Read on and be inspired!

We do paper finishes on sheets of up to 102 × 142 cm

Symbols indicating safe finishing effects for food packaging and toys:

We use ink and coating systems which are low in odour and migration, allowing us to develop food packaging for you which meets the requirements set out in section 3 of Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.

When it comes to finishes for products in the toy industry, we only use ink and coating systems which pose no risk to the health of consumers. They meet the specifications set out in the toy safety standard DIN EN 71-3.

Our range of print and surface finishing options

Non-slip finish

"Gripping" solutions:

The non-slip finish is a special coating which produces grip zones which prevent skidding.


A change of colour:

Minerals added to the coating allow an impression of changing colours.


Touch. Read. Understand.

Our Braille patterns – a touching gesture for people with information at their fingertips.

Scented coating

A good nose for smells:

Pictures with rub-to-release scented ink give off an authentic smell.

Face paint

The fun factor:

Our dermatologically-tested face paint is high fashion for football fans and high turnover for you.

Frosted coating

Chilling out:

The addition of a special resin to the UV coating produces a slight embossing effect on the selected part of the picture, generating a cool frosted effect.

Glitter effect

A touch of glamour:

The tiny bits of glitter conjure up glitter effect which brings added sparkle and a shimmering glint which instantly catches the eye.

Metallic effect

Polished to a mirror finish:

Motifs with metallic surfaces take on a captivating and realistic look with the metallic effect.

Invisible ink

Uncovering the secret:

The action of rubbing a coin will reveal a new image with the invisible ink finish.

Luminous finish:

Luminous finish

The luminous finish stores daylight energy and glows in the dark.

Mother-of-pearl effect

Go for a silky shimmer:

You can create interesting accent features with the mother-of-pearl effect. The finish varies from satin matt to a beautiful pearlescent lustre depending on the grading of the pigments.

Photochromic finish

Sunlit magic:

The photochromic print finish changes colour under the sun’s rays and makes the invisible visible.

Gloss relief printing

Life in three dimensions:

The smooth high-gloss relief printing has a three-dimensional effect on lettering and motifs – for very special highlights.

Matt relief printing

The 3D experience:

The matt relief printing finish is the prime way of staging your motif – for a really vivid experience. Feel the subtle difference.

Scratch card ink

Arouse curiosity:

The idea is to rub off the scratch card ink to reveal what is hidden below. The excitement mounts as the picture is revealed.

Salt/sand effect

Leave your mark:

Add some holiday atmosphere to your pictures. Make the feeling real with sand or salt.

Black light effect

Shine a light on your messages:

The colours will glow under UV or black light and lift the mood at parties and clubs.

Coarse texture finish

Show true grit:

Every picture comes to life with the right texture finish. Stimulate your sense of touch and get that tingling sensation.

Blackboard finish

Chalk it up to creativity:

Surfaces with a blackboard finish can be written on with chalk and then wiped clean with a damp sponge.

Daylight fluorescent finish

Shine a light on your messages:

A daylight fluorescent finish is quite simply achieved by luminescent colours which glow in normal daylight.

Thermochromic ink

Turn on the heat:

Die thermochromic ink will react to breath, friction or the touch of a hand, revealing what is hidden underneath.

UV gloss printing

Put on the gloss:

A vision of radiance. Draw attention to certain features and lettering with with UV gloss printing.

Moisten-to-seal gum

Moisten – stick – sealed!

The adhesive function of moisten-to-seal gum is activated by moistening. This is a familiar process with postage stamps or standard envelopes.


Give free rein to your creativity:

The printed watercolours can be dissolved with water and used like water-based paints.

Watermark effect

The elegant way to make your mark:

Our watermarks are not part of the paper production process but are produced afterwards by printing on a watermark effect.

Wet & reveal ink

Secrets will out:

The wet & reveal ink reacts to contact with water and reveals hidden messages.

Whiteboard finish

Practical and versatile:

Products with a whiteboard finish can be written on with a water-soluble pen and wiped clean without leaving any residue.

Striking surface

Catch the fire:

The special striking surface guarantees action. If you strike a match on it, it will ignite and the sparks will fly.


Make your packaging shine:

TOUCH | GLOW | ACTION – with KREYLIGHT your pictures, logos or adverts can be illuminated on various media.

Advantages of a print finish ...

  • upgrade your product
  • draw the eye to the main message
  • attract attention
  • add your own unique edge
  • convey creativity
  • make a good IMPRESSION
  • get more attention
  • increase contact time with your advert
  • generate high-end products
  • stand out from the crowd
  • add the finishing touches
  • achieve greater visual impact