Custom-made products

Mission impossible? Mission possible!

Do you have an unconventional idea or an unusual job? There is no end to the scope of application in screen-printing and we welcome your ideas, accepting them as challenges to develop our expertise and improve our services.

Leather & cork

We print on leather and cork to individual specifications for a wide variety of applications.

Felt hanger tags

Felt is not only easy to clean and resistant to wear but it is also strong and durable.

Balsa wood

Naturally good! A quality material with exclusive properties and significant capabilities.

Screen-printing with original colours

Exploit the advantages of screen-printing and add unique depth and shine to your products with rich original colours.

Sales assistant

Do you have the right perspective? Show your customers all the options with a flick of the wrist.

Customised solutions

Not found the right product for your requirements? We will come up with a solution if the standard products do not meet your brief.