Labels & stickers

Your wish is our command ...

Stickers of all kinds in any colour, shape or size, whether as product markings, warning labels or car stickers, whether cut to a standard size or custom outline or 3D, but in all cases durable and of the highest quality.

Machine stickers

We insist on the best materials for top quality in heavy-duty environments.

Hazardous goods stickers

For permanent marking of your products on different surfaces.

Cosmetics labels

Whether for jars or tubes – we produce labels of the finest quality for you.

Industrial stickers

Flame-retardant stickers for the supply of materials with B1 fire safety certificate.

Tank stickers

Made to fit the size of tank in each individual case: decal lettering produced on plotters or stickers for long-term outdoor use.

Inspection stickers

The next service is sure to come: inspection stickers for internal quality control.

Textile stickers

Self-adhesive labels made from high-quality acetate silk are suitable for use on textiles of all kinds.

Domed stickers

The soft gel surface coating gives the stickers a stylish 3D effect.

Customised solutions

Not found the right product for your requirements? We will come up with a solution if the standard products do not meet your brief.