POS products

Proactive promotion of business at POS

In today’s saturated markets there is a need for unique selling points beyond the price of products. We supply floor stickers, display stands, window stickers and other such products which will draw the attention of the customers to your merchandise.

Shelf wobblers

The advantage is obvious: the wobblers divert the gaze of the customers to your products.

Price tags & display stands

Whether standing at a subtle distance in the background or making a loud statement in the centre – a display stand provides information and relays a message.

Window stickers

Always guaranteed to catch the eye as shop window decorations or two-sided stickers.

Floor stickers

Floor stickers for your shop or showroom or as route markers in museums.

Countertop products

Our hard-wearing countertop products or mouse pads are made of durable hard plastic with a non-reflecting surface.

Customised solutions

Not found the right product for your requirements? We will come up with a solution if the standard products do not meet your brief.